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Listening Point Montessori is a nature based educational program for children ages 3-6. Its mission is to guide children in their learning with the goal of fostering independence, curiosity, creativity, respect, responsibility, environmental awareness and stewardship. To fulfill this mission children spend time in and out of doors participating in both independent and cooperative activities utilizing the Montessori Method of Education.

Margot Pierce, Founder and Guide of Listening Point Montessori is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point: College of Natural Resources and also the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest - an American Montessori Society affiliated training program. Margot holds a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resource Management, Environmental Education and Interpretation and her Early Childhood Education Montessori Credential.


A note from Margot: 

I believe that a positive connection to the natural world is important and essential in a child’s educational journey. I opened Listening Point Montessori with the purpose of creating a sense of place for children in nature. The program is named after environmentalist, activist and author Sigurd F. Olson. My belief is that all individuals including children should have a listening point- a place in the wild where they can be in awe and peace. 

I drew the logo as a representation of Listening Point Montessori as a nature based education program and as a representation of the importance of growth within a child’s education and life. Within the Listening Point Montessori logo there is a connected sun, tree, mountain and river. The sun representing the light of a child; with the child being at the center of all Listening Point Montessori programming decisions, the mountain representing what has already been established within a child’s home, the tree representing their continual growth and the river in the foreground representing change, the future and what’s to come. A connected line. Listening Point Montessori marks the beginning of a child’s formal education journey and with parent partnership sets them on a path for a successful future. Listening Point Montessori’s name and logo are Trademarked.

Why Listening Point Montessori?

Listening Point Montessori offers an unparalleled educational experience located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range on 10 private acres of natural shrub steppe landscape. At Listening Point Montessori children have a beautifully developed and sequential Montessori classroom, are members of our growing cooperative farm featuring chickens, ducks and goats, food and flower gardens and year round access and understanding of the local ecosystem. Listening Point Montessori differs from other educational programs in the Yakima Valley in that it follows the methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori while appreciating a child’s fundamental need to be in the out of doors. 

"The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth." - Dr. Maria Montessori 
Licensed Montessori Yakima

Listening Point Montessori is an American Montessori Society member school and is licensed through the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families. Listening Point Montessori holds a Full Non- Expiring Child Care License and adheres to all Washington Administrative Codes to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

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